Box Elder Bugs

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What Are Box Elder Bugs?

You’ve likely wondered what those small, black bugs in your home are. Well, they could be box elder bugs. If they’re small, black, and have red marks on their wings, you’re likely dealing with a box elder bug infestation. These bugs can reach up to an inch in length. When possible, they’re going to feed on box elder trees, ash trees, cherry trees, and maple trees.

Why Are Box Elder Bugs In My Home?

Box elder bugs are overwintering pests so they’re going to invade your home in late summer, and they’ll enter your home. Once inside, they can become a nuisance. When the temperatures drop, they’re going to enter your home through small cracks and holes. When spring arrives and the temperatures increase, these bugs will try to leave your home.

Do Box Elder Bugs Pose A Danger?

The good news is that box elder bugs are not. You still don’t want to live with them because they’ll become a nuisance. They don’t pose a risk to your health.

How Should I Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs?

When box elder bugs enter a home, they can shelter exceptionally well. As a result, getting rid of them will be tough. We recommending calling our office because we’re eager to begin helping you. Call us as soon as you identify a problem because that will make it easier to tackle the problem. Either way, we’ll be here for you.

Can I Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs Myself?

You could try getting rid of box elder bugs on your own, but you’ll likely run into problems. For instance, you may not get the results you’re after. In addition to this, you have to worry that you’re going to expose yourself to dangerous chemicals. Is the risk worth it? Although it’ll save you money, doing it yourself is too risky for many. If you feel the same, you should use our services.

When Can You Start?

Our company is eager to help so call us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll respond to your home in 24 to 48 hours.

Is Your Box Elder Bug Treatment Safe?

Yes. We wouldn’t use any chemicals that could potentially hurt you or your loved ones. Our reliable exterminators follow our strict protocols to ensure you’re going to be protected. Also, our products are EPA-registered so you’ll know they’re going to be safe. They won’t pose a risk to humans, pets, or plants. Protect your loved ones by calling us and letting us handle the problem for you.

Preventing Box Elder Bug Infestations

Unfortunately, box elder bugs are difficult to keep away from your home. If they can find a way to enter your home, they will. Try sealing all holes, gaps, and cracks so they can’t enter.

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