Eco-Friendly Treatments

Environmentally friendly pesticides are designed to offer effective pest control while protecting the environment from further toxic damage. When a chemical-based approach is required to ensure full eradication of a pest infestation, we ask the family to vacate the impacted home in advance. This is part of an effort to protect our clients and their family and pets from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Some of our clients opt for eco-friendly pest management to conventional pest management because they fear the negative impact of pesticides. Eco-friendly pest management does not require pre-treatment evacuation of the impacted or an extended stay away from the home by the occupants.

Protect Dogs And Young Children With Our Environmental-Friendly Pest Management

Eco-friendly pesticides and insecticides do not pose a health risk to animals or humans, including young children. We also have a line of eco-green pest control methods that do not utilize potentially harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly treatments give peace to people who are dealing with nuisance pests. These treatments utilize special tools, manpower, and an effective eradication strategy to deliver speedy, effective results.

Honolulu Environmental-Friendly Pest Management Treatments

Evidence shows some eco-friendly pest treatments are more effective than some chemical-based and organic pesticides. Our green pest control treatments include the following:

  • Cryonite
  • Heat
  • Steam
  • Traps

To learn more about our green pest control contact our Honolulu extermination company. While you have one of our customer support members on the phone, please request information about our free visual pest inspection, pest consultation, and price estimate.

We have been serving the people of Honolulu with great success over the last few decades. We strive to bring access to our eco-friendly pest treatments and methods to the entire City of Honolulu. Our prices are competitive with the top pest control companies in Hawaii. We will work with your budget to customize a pest control strategy that is guaranteed to deliver 100% effectiveness.

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Eco Friendly Treatment