Steam Treatment

Steam has become one of the most popular and effective ways to remove bedbugs from a dwelling. With this treatment, you can take care of the problem without damaging your home or health. Steamers can effectively heat the areas where bedbugs are hiding. Then, it will kill them on contact by using steam at high temperatures

Steam is effective, but it has a few minor cons. First and foremost, it is an on-contact treatment so it must make contact with the bug. There is no residual effect so it is cleaner than some of the others. However, it is vital to realize that steam is not a fool-proof way to eliminate bedbugs.

Using Steam To Kill Bedbugs

Using bedbug steamers wallows the exterminator to release hot steamer into the home. They’ll direct the steam to areas where bedbugs have been found. Steam is great because it can penetrate gaps, cracks, and pipes. Since it doesn’t turn into a liquid, it can be used around sensitive objects. For instance, our exterminator can use steam to kill bugs around mattresses and furniture.

When the steam touches the bedbug, the bug will die instantly.

Eco-Friendly Steam Treatments

A lot of people like steam because it is an eco-friendly solution. With steam, you don’t need to worry about exposing your kids to dangerous pesticides. While you can rent a steamer, this might not be a good idea. You’ll need to make sure that you know where the bugs are hiding. And, you’ll have to take your time to make sure that the steam makes contact with each bug in your home.

A professional exterminator knows where bedbugs are hiding and what it takes to reach all of them. A professional exterminator will have a better chance of removing all of the bugs from your property. When you’re ready to tackle this issue, contact us. We offer affordable bedbug steam treatments in Honolulu and  nearby cities.

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