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What Is A Spider?

A spider is an arthropod of the Araneae order, with at least six eyes, eight legs, and a unique fang-like mouthpart. The spider is venomous, which means it can inject chemicals into its victims’ skin utilizing its mouthpart, resulting in a mild to a severe toxic reaction. Scientists have identified over 40,000 spider species, all of which have web-making abilities. Webs are utilized to trap prey, such as lizards, birds, insects, and other spider species. Only a few spider species are venomous to the point where they are extremely dangerous to humans and animals. These include the black and brown widows, brown recluse, and Brazilian wandering species. Extremely large spider webs have been reported all throughout Hawaii, some with a capacity of 50,000 or more spiders. The average lifespan for a spider is two years in uncontrolled environments. However, some reports show large spiders surviving up to 24 hours in controlled habitats. To differentiate between the genders, you just need to know the female is almost always the larger of the two. The size difference will depend on several factors, including environment, food accessibility, and species. Both genders are known to invade the human living space through access points near windows, doors, plumbing pipes, sewage systems, and other openings. But, the male appears to be the most successful at home invasion because he runs rampant during mating season in search of an available female. Spiders are of varying shapes, colors, sizes, extremely hairy, and only slightly hair.

Do Spiders Pose A Health Risk To Children And Dogs?

Spiders generally do not attack unless threatened. Many victims are just going about their business when they get bit, not knowing where the hit came from. Unfortunately, the spider did not know the victim’s intentions, it just felt threatened. Spider bites range from a mild allergic reaction to necrosis (dead tissue) to systematic toxicity to death when left untreated. Most spider species reported in Honolulu do not pose a health risk to humans or animals. However, all spiders should be taken as a threat when children are involved. Spider bites in children should be treated without delay.

Why Is My Home Infested With Spiders?

Spiders are drawn to dark moist areas like those found in basements and crawlspaces. However, they can be found underneath bathroom and kitchen sinks, in sewage systems, and in attics. Spiders targeted your home because it offered easy access points, food, and shelter.

How To Eradicate A Spider Infestation? When To Call In The Experts!

First and foremost, it is never too early or too late to call in the experts. You can contact our exterminators immediately following the initial detection or wait until a second sighting is reported. We utilize a combination of anti-spider bait and traps to eradicate or entrap and eradicate. Our spider management can be customized to be more specific for your pest control needs and preferences. Be careful when working around compost and firewood piles because these are known for outdoor spider habitats. Start by sealing off all access points with waterproof sealant or silicone. The next step is to tackle your home’s humidity problems, which is an extremely common problem across the City of Honolulu.

Is Spider Pest Control Harmful To The Environment?

It can be when inappropriately handled, stored, and administered. To combat these risks, we fill our spider arsenal be pest control products that have met or exceeded US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) environmental-friendly regulations. EPA-approved spider bait can be applied safely in homes while the family and pets are out running errands. Our licensed exterminators and spider experts team up to bring Honolulu consumers one of the best spider pest management services available in the State of Hawaii.

When Should I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive At My Home?

While you are on the phone with our skilled customer support team, we will begin processing your pest control request. Once processed, the representative will schedule you an in-home consultation appointment within 24 to 48 hours of the initial request.

How To Prevent Future Spider Infestations In My Home?

Once your residential spider barrier has been compromised, future spider and insect infestations are at a high probability. Our spider prevention includes a full replacement of your home’s existing spider barrier. Residential pest barriers are physical barriers that seal off access points to all pests, target humidity-ridden areas and create deterrence to keep spiders at bay in the future. You can do your part by sealing potential access points, getting rid of clutter, and removing spider webs throughout the home.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders Reported In Honolulu?

Brown recluse spider sightings are rarely if ever reported in the State of Hawaii. However, it never hurts to be knowledgeable of the brown recluse spider species. We work with some of Hawaii’s top entomologists to determine which spider species are problematic for Honolulu residents. What you need to know about brown recluse spiders:

  • Sights are rare in Hawaii
  • Spiders travel in shipping containers from place to place
  • Hawaii may provide a suitable environment for the brown recluse
  • There is no evidence to back up outdoor sighting claims involving campers and gardeners
  • Brown recluse bites are rarer than the actual spider
  • The brown recluse spider has a shy side, so they rarely bite unless provoked
  • Spider phobias are normal in Hawaii’s

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